Episode #18- Thoughts on The Conjuring


Hey Oh!! It’s movie night again!!  This was a roller coaster episode that takes us on a ride through The Conjuring.

**SPOILER ALERT** Fair warning, there may be some sections of our discussion that can be considered Spoilers.

**This is a hilarious and fun episode.  However, as always, our programs are a free flowing conversation, recorded in the moment. There may be some language that is considered offensive by some people.**

We had some special guests with us for this episode, Spencer Albee, as well as Kevin Kennie and Trent Gay from freezingprocess.net . A veritable cornucopia of horror movie aficionados.  We recorded this in two parts.  The first is kind of a pre-game in the parking lot.  Setting expectations, getting some information about the movie.  As well as little sparring amongst everyone.

The second part was recorded directly after the viewing of The Conjuring.  We covered a drunken spectacle, where an inebriated patron was slow- clapped out of the theater, as well comparisons to other movies and general thoughts about the horror movie genre.

Episode 17- M&M!! (melanie & mick)


Welcome to Episode 17!!  Once again joined by Melanie and Mick, this episode is another authoritative spin through the various universes that our graphic novel overlords force us through. It does NOT get much more fun than this!!

Episode 16 – Renae joins us!


Hey! Welcome to Episode 16.  For this episode, the inimitable Renae Bair joins us.  In addition to Dan being super psyched about her HTC One, we also discussed what movies we watch with our children, what video games we play with them, if any. (anyone else still plodding through Skylanders?)  We also discussed graphic novels and  **Spoiler Alert** like everyone else in the world, turns out we are all Locke and Key fans.

Episode #15 Thoughts On Pacific Rim


**Fair warning, SPOILER ALERT… for basically the whole episode.**

Hey, it’s MOVIE NIGHT !! For tonight’s episode of The Split Screen Podcast, we were joined by Joel Crabtree, movie blogger for the Bangor Daily News.

We went to see Pacific Rim at Cinemagic’s IMAX theater, (it was Joel’s first 3D movie!) Contrary to popular belief, Pacific Rim is not a low budget indie- film that won several awards at Sundance and is now playing with limited showings in Italy and Belgium.  No, it’s far more sophisticated than that.

If you like monsters and giant robots, this is legitimately worth seeing.

Episode #14 – Xbox One Conversation


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The one where we talk about Xbox One.

Recorded just over 24 hours after Microsoft held their Xbox One press conference, we were joined by the illustrious and evasive Joe Light.  In addition to discussing the Press Conference, we attempt to diffuse some of the more heated issues that came up, by trying to put them in a more realistic frame of reference.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a good old fashioned conversation about forced connectivity, the future of used games, and as many of the ins and out of the Xbox One as we can think of.

Episode # 13


Welcome back to the Split Screen Podcast. This episode is a reunion of sorts, as Matt and Dan reunite after several weeks of not seeing each other. Joined by none other than The Fat Giraffe himself, aka The Lin, aka Josh Thelin. Josh is one half of the Portland based rap group, Trails. Trails just released their brand new album entitled Anvils and Pianos and were guests the night before we recorded this on freezingprocess.net, a podcast about Maine music.

For this episode we caught up on some pop culture things, House of Cards (very briefly), Arrested Development, Saga volume 1, then rolled right in to a conversation about Dead Space, Resident Evil and some of other favorite games.

Thanks again to Josh for joining us. Check out this Trails album. You will not be disappointed,

Episode #12 Thoughts on Evil Dead


SPOILER ALERT!!! Lots of spoilers all of over this episode, LOTS OF THEM.  We recorded this directly after viewing the new Evil Dead.  Lots of comparisons to the original, as well as discussions about the original sequel and possible future of this new “rebooted” version.  Also, Dan apologizes to Matt for everything that he’s ever done wrong, as he assumes the viewing of this movie was some sort of punishment for all of those things.

Episode # 11


In this episode we were once again joined by Dylan and Stephanie Martin, fresh off their trip to PAX East.  If you are unfamiliar with PAX and are a video game fan of any kind, listen to this episode.  If you’re looking for some great Android OS game suggestions, listen to this episode.  If you need to here a story about a guy on a train with a horse mask, listen to this episode.  If you want to hear Dylan and Stephanie stump Matt and Dan repeatedly… listen to this episode.

Side note, this is the article that Dylan was referring to at the end of the episode. http://www.theforecaster.net/node/155042

Episode #10


THE ONE WHERE THE PROGRAM GETS NAMED!!!  After 3 months of carrying on as an unnamed program, a title is finally decided.  This is the episode where it was announced.  Again, led by Team Captain Matt Perkins, we were joined Melanie, Jason and Mick and went on and on about really awesome comic book stuff.

Episode #9


Welcome to Episode 9. This week’s conclave was led by Team Captain, Matt Perkins and was centered solely around comic books.  We were again joined by Melanie Tingdahl, you may remember her from such things as THIS episode, or THIS website, or this Ghost Variant.  Also joining us again was Jason Poole.  You may remember him from THIS episode.  And last, but certainly not least, we were also joined by the one and only, Mick Pratt.